At Primary Residential Mortgage, We Understand Renovation Home Loans

Primary Residential Mortgage has multiple professionals nationwide that total hundreds of years worth of experience to make your loan closing go as smooth as possible, and close on time.

One of the key components to our success, is our dedicated staff that focuses soley on renovation financing. 

As some lenders may tell you they are experts, we prove it.  Below is an introduction to the names and faces behind our success.  Each employee focuses on nothing but renovation financing to help you through your process.

Gregory Hall
Operations Manager
NMLS 202988

With over 20 years in Residential Home Financing, and over 10 years with Primary Residential Mortgage, Gregory Hall has over 1,000 Renovation Loans touched in his portfolio.  He specializes and focuses on proper training to the field, and understands the importance of a smooth closing transaction.  You will not find anyone more dedicated to his daily role.

Sarah Walker
Renovation Transaction Coordinator

Sarah is our property expert.  She works directly with your General Contractors and Consultants, to make sure all parties are validated and skilled to do the work you hired them for.  Sarah will also handle your appraisals, and make sure all renovations are covered within your budget.